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AwayJS is composed of a series of modules which implement specific functionalities, allowing for a very flexible configuration of feature sets.



The root dependency for all AwayJS modules: contains basic data structures, loading mechanisms, event objects and utility functions useful for all types of rich media interface and interaction.


Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring graphical output: contains data structures for shapes and textures, and interface descriptions for additional APIs such as material and animator data.


Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring a heirarchical scenegraph: contains data structures for a collection of display object types, as well as geometric prefabs for simple 2D & 3D objects.


Interface for graphics module providing various outputs options to render. Contains context implementations for WebGL and Software (js) outputs, as well as a bridge option for external (native) rendering.


Interface for scene and material modules, providing simpified rendering for complex heriarchies.


Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring a configurable method for coloring / texturing / lighting the surfaces of objects: contains data structures for a collection of material types, as well as the rendering APIs (to be moved to renderer module).


Dependecy for AwayJS applications requiring scripting abstraction for different converted syntax trees such as AS2, AS3 etc.


Interface for scene modules, providing user interaction input / output and culling management for display objects sent to the renderer.


Temporary module to hold parsers that output classes spanning multiple modules. To be split and moved to their respective module location(s) once additional refactors are in place.


Please refer to the installation instructions found in awayjs-full.


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