AwayJS Materials

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Dependency for AwayJS applications requiring a configurable method for coloring / texturing / lighting the surfaces of objects: contains data structures for a collection of material types, as well as the rendering APIs (to be moved to renderer module).


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AwayJS Dependencies

  • core
  • graphics
  • renderer
  • scene
  • stage

Internal Structure

  • data
    Render Data objects for storing render state for each instance of a material's methods (to be moved to renderer module)

  • methods
    Individual material behaviours that can be strung together to confgure material properties such as specular, diffuse and shadow behaviour as well as non-lighting effects such as fog and rimlighting

  • surfaces
    Render Data for materials and material passes (to be moved to renderer module)

version: @awayjs/materials@0.3.41




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